Eduroam – english

Our institution/school is connected to eduroam in SP mode

Eduroam federation is an international project engaged in the promotion of mobility and roaming in National Research and Education network (NREN). In the Czech Republic the project comes under the CESNET association. Our school/institution became involved in the project in 1999 and in doing so another step was taken to raise the quality of safeguarding the process of studies as well as the prestige of the institution.

One account no matter where Registered participants can make use of this wireless network (wherever available) by means of a single user account. Administration of the account is conducted by its home institution (i.e. founding institution).

The use of roaming is easy. A properly set device of each participant is connected automatically the moment that a network with the name eduroam becomes available. This process runs in a similar mode as it does in the case of connection to foreign networks of mobile operators in the framework of roaming. This is where the acronym education roaming originated. The service is free for all participants.

Activation of an eduroam accountOur institution/school is connected to eduroam only in SP mode, that is, users who have got eduroam activated in another institution can connect to our network. Our own students/employees cannot make use of eduroam.

Areas with full coverageEduroam is broadcast in all classrooms, lecture rooms, laboratories, offices, libraries, and recreational areas except for toilets and bathrooms. Among other areas covered are the courtyard with benches in front of the school as well as the Swamp. Coverage of the dragon’s den is being prepared. Admission to the premises of the school is enabled to visitors on working days between 7:00 and 18:00 from September 1 to June 30, namely only to holders of a valid ISIC or ITIC card or on the grounds of notification and approval of their attendance at the school secretariat in advance.

Filtering of traffic The flow of traffic is not subject to any intervention except for the following:

  • Filtering of outgoing SMTP traffic (TCP/25), in which case SMTPS (TCP/465) and Submission (TCP/587) services, or better still, a web client are to be used.
  • logging of all the traffic including authorization data (without a password)
  • All the traffic is monitored with a contents filter, which both may or may not evaluate the site as inappropriate or dangerous and, thus, deny its display.

Support Visitors with an eduroam account should seek its support in their home institution, that is the institution which provided them with the account.